Create a custom world map poster of the places you've been to

Bring Your Travels To Life

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How to Create Your Map

  • Step 1: Sign in with your Google account
  • Step 2: Enter the title you would like for your map
  • Step 3: Enter the names of the places you have been
  • Step 4: Enter the names of the places you would like to visit
  • Step 5: Download a high quality map of the places you've been to

Show Off Your Map

Wall Art

Enhance bedroom, classroom, office and living room walls with a visual history of your travels - the perfect conversation starter.

Apparell & Accessories

Print your unique custom map on t-shirts, hoodies, calendars or other printable products

Screen Decor

Use as a background image, screensaver or Zoom chat background

Custom Maps For Everyone


Seasoned or aspiring travellers with an impressive list of countries they've been and bucket lists of places to visit

DIY enthusiasts

Generate and download an image file to print on canvas, wood, metal and other poster materials as part of a DIY project


Engage your audience by sharing a map of where you have been on your blog

Couples & Families

Get a map showing places where couples or family members have been. Also great for building children's geographical literacy.

Let's Get Started

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Inputting your places to downloading a high resolution, printable file can take less than a minute


Your map is saved automatically so you can come back to access it anytime


Specify any color you like for the main elements on your map


You can always edit your map as the list of the places you've been continues to grow

Frequently Asked Questions