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Create beautiful custom maps

Custom Maps For Any Project


Support curriculum-aligned teaching goals related to geography, history and diversity with custom map templates, worksheets and classroom posters.


Create compeling visualizations for marketing communications, performance reporting and more for your businesses or organization.

Students & Researchers

Enhance papers or reports with custom map representations of geographical data and insights.

DIY enthusiasts

Generate and download an image file to print on canvas, wood, metal and other poster materials as part of a DIY project.

How to Create Your Map

Step 1: Sign in with your Google account
Step 2: Customize all the colors, countries and map features
Step 3: Generate your high-resolution digital map



Editing your map to downloading a high resolution, printable file can take less than a minute.


Your map is saved automatically so you can come back to access it anytime.


Specify any color you like for the main elements on your map.


You can always come back and make as many small adjustments or big modifications as you'd like.

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